Living History Adventures /£480

Consulo Education & Wild Track Wilderness in association with LEAD Education Forest School


Cave Man Day

On site at your school, times may vary

The Lead team will visit your school and set up our ‘cave’.  Children will step back in time to the Stone Age learning and discovering the 3 stone age eras; Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic periods leading us into the Bronze Age.

Children will enjoy exploring the different periods of time, examining artefacts (replicas and actual 6000-year-old flint tools), and solving stone age mysteries. They will try their hand at fire lighting and produce their very own cave art!

We will also cover topics such as language, survival skills, religion, tool use, plants and animals. The children’s senses will be stimulated through handling a range of ancient artefacts, the sights and sounds of our ancestors around the fire and the touch of the animal fur.

roman day

Roman/Celt Day

On site at your school, times may vary

Find out what life was really like under Roman rule! How did the people of Britain respond? How did living for centuries with an occupying force change life for them? Learners will meet a Roman legionary and his Celtic enemy.  

They will learn about battle tactics, culture, beliefs and even the food they ate! They can even train as legionaries themselves and face a blood curdling charge by the Celt!

A few (blunt) spears will send him packing!


Viking/Anglo-Saxon Day

On site at your school, times may vary

Children will love the opportunity to learn from our authentically dressed Viking and Anglo-Saxon warriors! The team will set up the tent and tarp in your grounds where they can sit on comfortable animal skins. We’ll then guide the children through the Viking age in Britain from the Lindisfarne raid of 793AD to the dark days of 1066. 

The children will have a truly hands on experience, including the challenge of the shield wall and sacrifices to Thor! By the end of the day they’ll have a greater understanding of viking culture, tactics and religion.

We guarantee a fun, interactive and engaging learning experience for all children.

To travel back in time with us, please call Steve Mann on 07944 102 606

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